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The Gutenberg Project has scanned the text into two PDF files which you can download. This is quick and once done, you don't need to be online to read them. Occasionally, the scanning process will have made a mistake, but this is not serious. Also, no graphics are included.

Volume 1 - From San Francisco to Teheran
Volume 2 - From Teheran to Yokohama

The other way is to follow the tour online, chapter by chapter. Unfortunately, only the portion starting in Slavina was made available in this format. The first half, from San Francisco, USA into Croatia in Europe is not available. To read that, download part one above.

This second option has fabulous drawings, done by the tourist-author, who never had any formal art training. To read the second part, just click on a link below. When done, hit your "Back" button and click on the next link.

      III  Through Slavina and Servia
      IV  Bulgaria, Roumelia, and into Turkey
       V  European Turkey
      VI  The Start Through Asia
     VII  On Through Asia
    VIII  Through the Angora Goat Country
       IX  Bey Bazaar, Angora and Eastward
        X  Across the Kizil Irmak River to Yuzgat
       XI  From the Koordish Camp to Yuzgat
      XII  Thru the Sivas Vilayet into Armenia
     XIII  Through Erzingan and Erzeroum
     XIV  Mount Ararat and Koordistan
     XIV  Persia and the Tabreez Caravan Trail
      XV  Tabreez to Teheran
    XVII  Teheran
   XVIII  The Start from Teheran
      XIX  Persia and the Meshed Pilgrim Road
       XX  Persia and the Meshed Pilgrim Road
      XXI  Through Khorassan
     XXII  Meshed the Holy
    XXIII  The Unbeaten Tracks of Khorassan
    XXIV  Beerjand and the Frontier of Afghanistan
     XXV  Across the "Desert of Despair"
   XXVI  Afghanistan
  XXVII  Through India
 XXVIII  Through China
   XXIX  Down the Kan-Kiang Valley
    XXX  Through Japan
   XXXI  Through Japan