Recumbent    Seat            Covers

      The LOVE SEAT is a seat cover for recumbents with the seat separate from the back:
              Rans,  Tour Easy Cool Back,  Sun EZ-1,  Burley,  Linear,  Cycle Genius,  Barcroft,  and others
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               Use the menu above to view  111  LOVE SEAT  color, fabric, and pattern combinations.
Prices, Payment, and Shipping
  • $45 for a Premium cover

  • $35 for a marine vinyl cover

  • $25 for one of the other covers

  • $20 each for more than one $25 cover

  • Less for some Bargains

  • $  8 shipping/handling per order
         via USPS Priority

  VISA and MasterCard accepted

Orders and Inquiries

Order by phone, eMail, or snail mail:

Dick Janson
Necessary Options
8902 Bath Road
Laingsburg, MI 48848

(517) 675-7340


   Special Qualities
  • To assure you some uniqueness,
       no more than  20  of each item is made.
    (Excluded: waterproof, denim, and canvas items.)

  • Most every LOVE SEAT is thicker than the original-
    equipment black lycra or spandex. The picture/data page
    for each cover shows a proportional thickness number:

        1 is thin, 10 is thick.   i.e. denim is a 4.

  • The thread is stronger than that used in most back packs.

  • The drawstring is marine-quality shock cord; the ends are treated to prevent fraying.

  • Each cover (except marine vinyl) is washed in cold water and dried on delicate.