What You Need for Self Supported Touring by Bicycle

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Concerns - Cleanliness        
If you don't get dirty, you probably aren't having much fun. There are more ways than you can imagine to get clean, and stay clean.

Clean Yourself

  1. Showers

    • Your campground. (Who wudda guessed?)
    • A campground you aren't staying at. State and National Parks, and some private campgrounds will let you shower for a small fee.
    • Small motels, during morning cleaning, for a small fee (bribe), if you use a room not yet cleaned. Negotiate for a towel and soap, or bring your own.
    • Public swimming pools
    • Fire stations
    • Rain storm - without the raingear

  2. Sponge bath

    • Restaurant or mega-store restrooms
    • Cemetary fawcet (but don't drink the water)
    • Lawn sprinkler
    • Water bottle and wash cloth

  3. Bathing

    • River, stream, lake or public swimming pool

  4. Where the sun don't shine

    • Before you rise from the throne, don't spare the toilet paper.
    • If your last deposit was in the woods, stop at a restroom to finish the cleaning job. Wiggling around on small solids for only a short time can make the area verrrry tender.
Clean Your Clothes
  1. Laundramat - use dryer (monitor closely)

  2. Your shower -

    • soap and rinse before removing
    • squeeze out water in towel
    • hang overnight, spread in sun, or wear
Stay Clean