What You Need for Self Supported Touring by Bicycle

  Equipment   Concerns   Considerations    Necessary Options
Considerations - Money        
Most places to eat have automatic dishwashers, so money is important. Taking enough and keeping it seem like helpful ideas.

How Much
  1. Expected trip expenses
    • Food (grocery, cafe, restaurant)
    • Camp (wild, parks, with locals, campground, resort campground)
    • Admissions (events and sight seeing)
    • Transportation to and from
  2. Lodging, if bad weather, illness, or equipment failure
  3. Emergency food or parts
  4. Call for help
  5. Get home, if the way you came is no longer available or appropriate
  1. Coins - laundry, coin toilets, phones (quarters)
  2. Cash - cash to show, cash to hide
  3. Credit or debit card - for larger and/or unexpected items
  4. Travelers checks - no longer widely accepted
  5. Kent cigarettes - if you are crossing the border into Romania
Hiding Places