What You Need for Self Supported Touring by Bicycle

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Equipment - Preparation        

  1. Before leaving, replace anything you think wouldn't last twice the miles of your trip.

  2. For things that still have half their use left, you may still decide to install new for your trip, then reinstall them when your new parts need replacing.

  3. You should not make major changes to components without allowing at least 100 miles of break-in time before you leave.

  4. Check glue for tire patches, and whether your pump works.

  5. Set up your tent, and test your tent and mattress for leaks.

  6. With your bike upside down, or on a stand:

    • spin your wheels. They should spin freely and long, and should not grind to a sudden stop.

    • check your spokes. They should all be tight, and those on the same side should give about the same tone when plucked.

    • check your rims. They should be clean, and not scored.

    • check your tires. They should not have foreign objects, damaged areas, or visible tire cord. The bead should be even at the rim, all the way around, and on both sides.

    • check your brakes. The trailing part of the pad should hit the rim first, they should be aligned with the rim, and not touching the tire anywhere. When applied firmly, your brake levers should not bottom out on the handlebar.

    • check your brake pads. They should be free of foreign objects, and still have some wear left.