What You Need for Self Supported Touring by Bicycle

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Considerations - Riding Styles        
With, or Without Others
  1. Alone
    • Complete anarchy - every decision is yours
    • You can approach more people
    • More poeple will approach you
    • Must rely on locals in emergencies

  2. With One or Two Others
    • Share the experience
    • Share the load
    • Safety in numbers
    • Help in emergencies
    • Expect to win less than half of the arguements
    • Meet more locals than when in a larger group

  3. With a Larger Group
    • Take advantage of the experience of others
    • Have fewer decisions, if that is what you want
    • May be pressure to stay 'with the group'.
    • May still be able to break into smaller groups, or travel alone, between campsites

Group Strategies
  1. Rubber Band
    • Regroup each night
    • Regroup for lunch or break
    • "Top of next hill" doesn't work

  2. Buddy
    • Ride with partner of similar abilities
    • Go the speed of the slowest
    • Your bike is a tandem