What You Need for Self Supported Touring by Bicycle

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Considerations - Security        
Security has to do with your interaction with people you don't know.
  1. Daily Security

    • Show only small amounts of cash - mostly ones and fives.
    • Keep your folding money flat; a roll creates too much curiosity.
    • Transfer hidden money to your daily funds while you are in your tent, or in a bathroom stall.
    • Appear confident in youself and act like you belong where you are.
    • People will ask how much your stuff costs. Answer with a question like "How far is it to ...?", or say "A lot less than a car".
    • When asked "Where are you going?",
      say "My plans change all the time.", or
            "As far as I'm comfortable with."
    • Nervously looking over your shoulder for boogie men will attract them.

  2. Overnight Security

    • Don't camp near graffitti or a pile of cigarette butts; these are hangouts.
    • Put your bike in front of your tent.
    • If you are alone, lay your bike down to reduce its profile.
    • Tie a loop in each end of a 10-foot length of fish line. Run the line around your rear wheel, then into one loop, and tie the other to your big toe. On the other hand, a tent stake might be better for that.
    • If in a campground, befriend at least one neighbor.

  3. Appearances

    • Looking sharp and well off may paint a target on you and/or your bike.
    • Looking poor and delerict may get you to be noticed by law enforcement.
    • A bike with flat black paint from a spray can is better than a U-Lock. It is easier to touch up, and easier to hide in the woods.

  4. Accident/Incident

    • Write the license number on your arm with chain grease.
    • Consider enlisting the perp for emergency transportation, if needed.
    • If you have a camera, take pictures of people first, then vehicles.
    • You might be able to prevail over someone on drugs or booze, but don't count on it. They probably have more fighting experience, and it is usually easier for you to back down. If confrontation is unavoidable, don't even think about fighting fair - they won't.
    • If you have pepper spray, don't warn about it. Show it only as you use it.
    • Know full well that this is information you probably will NEVER need.