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The RealLITE is a 4" x 6" 18-LED battery-operated light. As a cyclist with it, you will present incredible visibility to drivers of vehicles, even during the daytime. You may switch it to blink, to be steady, or to be off. Four AA batteries (included) should keep your RealLITE shining brightly more than 60 hours. The RealLITE comes with your choice of bracket.

RealLITE GOLD is sold out
The RealLITE GOLD is an 18-LED battery-operated amber blinking light. It is exactly like the red RealLITE except for the color of the lens and LEDs, and it comes with a bracket for your handlebar stem.


The hole spacing for mounting the RealLITE to the bracket is a standard 3/4". Brackets designed to hold a reflector on the back of a rack may work fine, but be wary of those made of lightweight metal, as they may suffer from fatigue, and break.

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 New Standard Seatpost Bracket

This bracket is mounted with a screw driver. It fits seatposts between 25.0mm and 29.6mm, which is smaller on the high side than the original, now separately-available, version. It may also be used on the handlebar stem when mounting the GOLD version, although you may need to shim it.

 Former Standard Seatpost Bracket - now sold separately for $20

This bracket is easily mounted/dismounted with the plastic knob adjusting screw. This is helpful when using your RealLITE on more than one bike, or for security, when your bike is unattended. It fits seatposts between 25.4mm and 32.0mm. It may also be used on the handlebar stem when mounting the GOLD version, although you may need to shim it.

 Recumbent Seat Back Bracket

This bracket can be used on Rans-style seats, including the Easy Racer Coolback and BikeE, that have a horizontal bar across the top up to 1/2" in diameter. The RealLITE needs to be hanging down; otherwise, it will quickly suffer fatigue and break.

Rack Mount Bracket is sold out

This bracket can be attached to the top or bottom of the rack. The horizontal part is about 6" long. If your rack has an open top, i.e. no shelf, then use the included clamps to attach the mount to the rack. With a shelf, use a clamp at the back and drill a hole in the shelf for a second nut and bolt. It's important to have the mount attached at two points.

 Just a Bracket

If you want a different, or additional, bracket, send $10.00* (check or money order, payable to Necessary Options, or MasterCard or VISA number and ex date). This price includes shipping and handling.

* the seatpost bracket with the knob is $20.00

Include your name and address, and the name of the bracket you want, and send it to:

Necessary Options
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