I have my new light mounted on my Easy Racer GRR and it's super!!
                    Tom Wetmore
                    New London CT

Just a short note to let you know that my RealLITE arrived today. Geez - is that thing ever brite! I was sitting at my desk at work looking it over, and thought I'd drop the batteries into it. I turned it around and flipped the switch, and got a whole face full of 18 LED's! I saw stars for about 5 mins after that! Yep - it's exactly what I was looking for.
                    Harv from Victoria BC

Posted on the hpv list:

The RealLite is amazingly bright: I can see the reflection in street signs for over a block in my rear-view mirrors. It's also bigger than I thought it would be, but that only makes it more visible.
                    Paul Goodrich

I'm thrilled with it.
                    Paul Siegel

I'm home from pedaling my ass 4100 west to east. I love the RealLite and hope to never have to ride without one again. I do believe it saved my ass, twice.

And from his account of his trip:

"With our new large blinking taillights pulsing into the night, I stop and watch Earl crank on, checking the distance brightness; Damn these are good lights, Mr. Janson. Your RealLITE is as bright as any car taillight on this road."
                    Dick (Little Telephone Pole Legs) Boyd
                    Iron River MI

Posted on the hpv list:

The Niterider consumes more power and puts out more light. The Reallight is much larger though, which might make it more noticable even though it puts out less light. When I'm not on my bicycle I've found it easier to see larger but dimmer bicycle lights (as long as they aren't too dim) vs small but very bright ones.
                    Alex Wetmore

I'm part of a group of 15 getting ready to do the Northern Tier Trans-America route. I ordered a realLite thru Harris Cyclery. It arrived today and I am VERY impressed. It is even brighter than I imaginged. Thanks for such a great product. I'm emailing my 14 riding partners and telling them how much I love it.
                    Dean Phelps

Got it this morning. Sure a good thing I'm not a weight wienie. Two of the folks here at the office may be ordering them after being blinded by mine.
                    Ken Steinhoff

Real Lite is the best, brightest taillight I've ever used! And the instructions that come with it are really funny! Great sense of humor! Thanks for a great product!
                    Roberto Perelman

Posted on the trikes list:

I rode in DALMAC this year (4/5 day tour)and we had A LOT of fog every morning. Every day people would tell me that all they could see of me after I was down the road a little ways, was the light.
                    John Abbey

Just wanted to let you know that I have been enjoying the added safety of my new RealLITE for several weeks now. I feel confident that drivers see me much more quickly during the dusk hours in which I frequently ride after work.
                    Chris Covert

Posted on the hpv and trikes lists:

A couple or years ago, I gave my partner a RealLite tail light for her birthday. It is, IMHO, the best and brightest battery powered tail light on the market! It is a bit heavier than smaller lights.

About ten days or so ago, the tail light fell off while she was riding. It turns out that the mounting block had become unbonded from the light. After a quick email exchange, I sent the parts to RealLITE a week ago Friday by Priority Mail. I got the repaired unit back today (Saturday) by Priority Mail. No charge for the repair and 4 AA batteries were included.

This is how customer service is supposed to work and often doesn't.
                    Dave Franzen

Posted on the cycling forum list:

I just bought two RealLites from Harris Cyclery - and I'm here to tell you that any cager who "just doesn't see you" with one of these on your bike is ready for a white stick!

Bright hardly begins to describe it. It's past bright, through Very bright, and on into "Holy Mother of God!" bright.

This is designed for daytime use as well as night, and I can see why. You might not want to use it at night on unlit roads - it would have the same effect as the fog lights on a MDG.
                    Just Zis Guy

In 2004 I added a mega-rear light, a RealLite, I bought mine at, they're also here (ed. not anymore) They're heavy but it's the best and biggest (4" by 6") rear bike LED light I've seen. I want the person who runs me over to feel very guilty, even if the BSG's think it's a bit Fred-like.
     Ed at

Posted on the bicycle forum list:

Of course you can't really compare the Reallite measuring 4 inches by 6 inches and 18 LEDs to the Lightman strobe, the Reallite just kills the strobe, I mean, it lights up the room literally, it overpowers the strobe. Keep in mind that is not scientific at all, and with measuring equipment I may be proved wrong.
                    Paul Giroux

Nite Rider review at

I've been using a RealLight in flash mode, and a Cateye TL-LD600 in steady mode for some time. I built a new bike and decided to see if there was something better around so I bought two new lights. A Lightman strobe, and a Nightrider tail light. The quick answer is "I was dissappointed by both". The Nightrider is bright, but nothing to rave about. It's quite directional since it has no lens system other than what's built into the LEDs. It projects a round spot, and is bright as long as you are within that spot. Go off to the side just a bit, and it becomes dim very quickly. I put the RealLight, Cateye, and Niterider on the trunk of my car tonight and walked a distance to see what they look like. They were all set to flash mode. From straight behind the Niterider and Cateye were close, with the Niterider being just a bit brighter. But when walking off to the side, the Cateye stayed brighter longer. I credit the Cateye lens system for this. The Cateye produces an oval pattern compared to the round pattern of the Niterider. The RealLight is nothing to brag about when in steady mode, but it appears brighter in flash mode. It seems that the LEDs are driven with a higher voltage in flash mode. The RealLight was by far the most visable of the three. It wasn't as bright as either of the two lights from straight behind, but it didn't loose much brightness when moving to the side. It's a much larger light than the other two, and that makes it far more noticeable. That's what it's really all about. Not how bright, but how noticeable. In my opinion the Nightrider is just too small to compete with the RealLight.
                    Rob from Sequim, Washington

WOW! what a light! I think I'm going to be very happy with it. I'll be using it tonight, and when my bike partner sees it he may want one too. If he does, I'll get him one for Christmas if you have any left by then.
                    Julie Lopez

On the never-ending issue of nighttime conspicuity, I am pleased to announce a unique product: the Bigfoot of LED taillights. I'm a big fan of conventional LED taillights, and I believe they're quite suitable for almost all riding situations. But some times, some people are looking for belt-and-suspenders caution, and for that purpose, the RealLITE offers 18 LEDs powered by four AA batteries.

What makes RealLITE unique is that it's as bright as the duper-duper taillights that come with expensive bicycle lighting systems with their separate batteries, chargers and wires, but it's available separately, and it's powered by those nice cheap AA cells. I've used one in an urban setting, and since I'm still here it apparently did its job.
                    John Schubert, Technical Editor,
                     in Adventure Cyclist (Sept/Oct 2001)


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